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  • Easy to use

    Formlog.com is extremely easy to use. We've made a tutorial to teach you everything you need to know about creating your own form.

  • No usage limitations

    There are no limits to the number of forms you can create or the number of websites on which you can use the forms. In addition, we offer unlimited form submissions for your form.

  • Immediate notification

    As soon as someone submits a form on your site we will send you a copy of what they submitted. Submissions are also stored in our database for your review.

  • Results stored in database

    All your form results are stored for days in our database.

  • Your e-mail address is never shown

    In many forms, your e-mail address is shown as a hidden field in the form code. Spammers have programs called "spambots" that look around the internet 24 hours a day, slurping up email addresses from these kind of codes and adding them to spam lists. Formlog.com does not use your e-mail address in the form code. Only your username is required in the form code. Your e-mail address is fetched automatically from our database when the form is submitted. Users will never know your real e-mail address.

  • Anti-Spam features

    You can use our CAPTCHA feature to dynamically add a random string of characters to your forms which must be entered in order for the form to be processed. This prevents automated bots from submitting your forms.

  • Support multiple recipients

    Information from your forms can be sent to multiple e-mail addresses.

  • Results page completely customizable

    The results page is completely customizable. Colors and fonts are all customizable to fit the existing look of your site. Company logos can also be integrated into the results page.

  • All HTML form items supported

    Our forms support all standard field types including text boxes, drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes, text area, password fields and hidden fields.

  • Required Fields

    You can require for certain fields in your form be filled out before the form is submitted.

  • Confirmation page

    Show your visitors a confirmation page with their submission information.

  • URL redirection (premium)

    You can set an URL to send your visitors to a webpage of your choice after their submission.

  • IP Banning (premium)

    This feature allows you to ban IP addresses of users who abuse your form. You can ban one individual IP address or ban a range of IP addresses. This will help protect you from spammers.